Precalculus (MATH 119) - Fall, 1998

Mei Q. Chen
Capers Hall 221B
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Textbook: Algebra and Trigonometry
by Larson and Hostetler, the 4th Edition


The goal of the course is to provide students majoring in mathematics, mathematics education, computer science, engineering or sciences with a thorough mathematical background in preparation for the calculus sequence and mathematics courses beyond. Students will be expected to demonstrate the following: The basic skills in algebra, trigonometry and problem solving will be tested through five hour exams.

Grading Policy

The final grade for the course is based on collected homework, quizzes, five hour exams and a comprehensive final exam.

Behavior Policy

ESP Study Sessions

     During the ESP on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday,
     Professor Chen will be in Room 203 of Capers Hall to assist you with
     any problem you have in Precalculus.  If the room is not available
     for some nights, please follow the instructions given on the wall
     by the door to go to another classroom (usually on the same floor).

Office Hours and Math Lab

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