Calculus I (MATH 131-03) - Fall, 2017

Class Periods: 8:00am-8:50pm MTWF by Mei Chen, R by Wendy Sheppard

Classroom: Thompson Hall 216

Instructor: Mei Q. Chen, Thompson Hall 230

Wendy Sheppard Thompson Hall 211


Phone: (843) 953-7882 (office)



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      Homework Assignments/Solutions

      Hour Exams/Solutions

      Pass list


A Note From Dr. Chen
Welcome to the fall semester of 2013! Calculus I is the first course in a sequence of three calculus courses followed by several mathematics courses, each of which builds on the preceding one(s). To have a solid base for your future study in sciences, it is absolutely essential that you start this long journey in mathematics with

Wish you all a wonderful learning experience with Calculus I !


If any of you do not feel comfortable in Calculus I during the first two weeks of the semester (from August 23 to September 30), please meet with me as soon as possible to discuss the possibility of switching you back to Precalculus.

The goal of the course is to provide students who are majoring in mathematics, mathematics education, computer science, engineering and sciences an opportunity to learn concepts of calculus and their applications in sciences and engineering.

Calculus – 8th Edition of Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 8E, by James Stewart

Chapter 1-5 (click here for details)

Grading Policy:

The final grade for the course is based on collected homework assignments, quizzes, the Gateway Exam, four hour exams and one comprehensive final exam.


(1) Homework Assignments – 12% of the final course grade.


Homework assignments will be given regularly online or from textbook. Usually, an assignment will be given on Tuesday (Friday) and will due on Friday (Tuesday) of each week (there are exceptions).  No late homework will be accepted. At the end of the semester, I will compute the average points of all homework assignments and then take 2 x average points from the total homework points.  Your turn-in homework should be clearly written with readable fonts. 

Online homework:

(1) use FireFox!   (2) class code: citadel 0101 1945    (3) a quick start for students    (4) WebAssign help


(2) Quizzes – 12% of the final course grade.


One or two quizzes will be given each week. There will be no makeup for quiz.  At the end of the semester, I will compute the average points of all quizzes and then take 2 x average points from the total quiz points.


(3) Hour exams - 46% of the final course grade.


Four one-hour exams are tentatively scheduled on Wednesdays: 

September 15, October 6, October 27, and November 18

respectively. Each exam covers the material that has been gone over in class since the previous hour exam. Exams are designed to test your understanding of the mathematical concepts and computational procedures, and your problem solving skills in calculus.


(4) Gateway Exam on Differentiation Techniques – 10% of the final course grade

      Click here ( for details.   

      Click here to see who have passed the gateway exam.


(5) Final exam - 20% of the final course grade.

      The final exam is scheduled at either 8:00am-11:00am on December 11, and will be comprehensive with 200 points.


(6) Problem of Week: Two extra points will be added to the final exam score for each correct answer.

Grades (overall average):  A = 90% or higher, B = 80% - 89%, C = 70% - 79%, D = 60% - 69%, F = 59% or lower


Current Grades


Office Hours/ESP Study/Help Sessions


(1) Office Hours: 2:30am-3:30pm, MTWRF, Thompson Hall 230

     or by appointment


(2) ESP Study/Help Sessions
      8:00pm-9:30pm TR, TH 230


(3) SI Sessions:  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 7-9pm in Thompson 319


(4) Math Tutors at Math Lab: August 24 – December 12

       Monday-Thursday 1pm-4pm, Thompson Hall 107
       Sunday-Thursday 7pm-10pm, Thompson Hall 203

   Participation Points Program: You will earn 1 extra point to your homework total for every visit with at least 30 minutes in the Math Lab working on your MATH 131 homework or review but not exceed 5 points a week.  You must sign in and sign out at the Math Lab on the sign-in sheet. 

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