Applied Engineering Mathematics I (MATH 234) - Fall, 2018

Class Periods: 10:00pm - 10:50pm, MTWF, Thompson Hall 315

Instructor: Mei Q. Chen

Office: Thompson Hall 230


Phone: 843 953-7882 (office)





Course Outline/Lecture Notes/Assignments

Grading Policy


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Course Goals: This is an integrated course in linear algebra and differential equations.

Concerning linear algebra, a student is expected to be able to solve systems of linear equations, to evaluate determinants, to compute inverses and to find eigenvalues and eigenvectors of matrices. The student is also expected to understand the concepts of vector space, subspace and basis.

Regarding differential equations, a student is expected to recognize which procedure is appropriate to solve a given differential equation, and to carry out correctly the procedure to find the solution. Applications will be studied and a student is expected to be able to set up the mathematical model, a differential equation or a system of differential equations, for a given application and then solve the problem.

Textbook: Advanced Engineering Mathematics, the 6 Edition by Dennis G. Zill

Course Content:

Differential Equations - Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10, and

Linear Algebra – Chapters 7 and 8

See course outline for details.

Grading: It is based on homework assignments, quizzes, four hour exams and one comprehensive final exam.

Exam 1 – Sept 11, Exam 2 - Oct 2, Exam 3 – Oct 30,   Exam 4 - Nov 27

Exams are designed to test your understanding of the mathematical concepts and computational procedures, and your problem solving skills for the topics covered in this course.

Grades (overall average): 

A = 90% or higher, B = 80% - 89%, C = 70% - 79%, D = 60% - 69%, F = 59% or lower

Current Grades

Office Hours and Study/SI Sessions

Office Hours: 12:00-1:00pm, MW, 8:00pm-9:30pm Tuesday and Thursday, Thompson Hall 230, Or by appointment at any time.
SI sessions:  8pm – 10pm on Sunday – Thursday in Thompson 117 – one extra point added to homework for attending a SI session

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