NUMERICAL METHODS II (MATH 344) - Spring, 2014

Class Period: 3:00pm - 4:15pm TR, Thompson Hall 303
Instructor: Mei Q. Chen,     Office: Thompson Hall 230
Phone: 953-7882 (office)


Course Materials

Course Outline, Lecture Notes Homework/Solutions, Exams/Solutions, MatLab Programs

Course Goals:

(1) An introduction to numerical methods for approximation of differentiation and integration.

(2) An introduction to numerical methods for solving initial-value and boundary-value problems for ordinary differential equations.

(3) An introduction to numerical methods for solving systems of linear equations and finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors of real square matrices.

The mathematical software MatLab is used to implement all numerical methods.

Textbook: Online Lecture Notes.

Grading: It is based on homework assignments, projects, three hour exams, and a comprehensive final exam.


(1) Homework: 25% of the final course grade.


 Homework will be assigned weekly, usually on Wednesday and will be collected a week later for grading.  Homework problems are designed to help you understand each numerical algorithm including its derivation, convergence and error analysis and uses in numerical differentiation or integration, solving differential equations, solving system of equations and finding eigenvalues and their associated eigenvectors.  The mathematical software MatLab will be used to implement numerical algorithms. 


I truly believe that completing each homework assignment is very important in learning process. You are encouraged to work on homework assignments in pairs or to discuss problems or work in progress with me or your classmates.


(2) Hour exams: 40% of the final course grade.


Two one-hour exams are tentatively scheduled for February 13, and March 20, respectively. It will be re-announced a week before each hour exam. Each hour exam covers the materials that have been discussed in class since last hour exam. Hour exams are designed to test your understanding of definitions, derivations of algorithms and skills of problem solving using these algorithms. You are allowed to bring 3x5 note cards with definitions, algorithms and theorems for exams (no examples please).


(3) Project: 15% of the final course grade.

The project requires students to use a numerical method that may or may not be covered in class to solve a real-world problem.  Click here to see a list of suggested topics.  Each student will write a short paper to describe the project, to discuss his/her work and to report obtained results.  Each paper should be double-spaced, 12-font, 1” margins, with a minimum of two sources other than Wikipedia. In addition, each student will give a 15-minute presentation to present his/her project, tentatively on April 29.


(4) Final exam: 20% of the final course grade.
The final exam will be comprehensive and similar to hour exams. The date and time will be determined later.


(5) Problem of Week: Two extra points will be added to the final exam score for each correct answer.


Current grades

Office Hours/ESP Study/Help Sessions:


Office Hours:  3:00pm-5:30pm M, 2:00pm-3:00pm  TR,  4:30pm-5:30pm TR,  TH 230



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