Mathematical Modeling (MATH 550) - Spring, 2017

Class Period: 5:00pm-7:45pm Thursday, Thompson Hall 303

Instructor: Mei Q. Chen

Office: Thompson Hall 230


Phone: 843 953-7882 (office),  843 642-0456 (cell)



      Homework Assignments             

      Hour Exams

Course Goals:
The course is designed to strengthen the content knowledge needed to use mathematical modeling as an effective tool in problem solving. Topics include models which require use of some or all of the following: difference equations, curve fitting, graphing, geometry, matrices, calculus, maximization and minimization, and simulation using random numbers.  MatLab (Octave) and Excel will be used to implement algorithms to process data.

Textbook: Mathematics for the Life Science, by Jon Erin N. Bodine, Susanne Lenhart, and Louis J. Gross

Course Content: Selected Chapters. See the tentative course outline  for details.

Grading: It is based on weekly homework assignments, two hour exams, a final exam and two short papers.

Grades (overall average): 

               A = 90% or higher, B+ = 80% - 89%, B = 75% - 79%, C+ = 70% - 74%, C = 69% or lower


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Office Hours and ESP Study/Help Sessions:

             4pm – 5:15pm M, Thompson Hall 230, or by appointment at any time.


Study Session During ESP:

            8pm-9:30pm Monday and Wednesday 230 Thompson Hall

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