Pictures - Summer, 1998

  1. We got together at the Golden Apple Restaurant, its owner is Yuan Qi's friend in the middle school. We received a special treat - a free fancy dinner - because Xue Fang has been a valuable customer of the restaurant since the first time when the 7843 had a gathering there several years ago.

  2. From the left to the right:
    Xu Huan Hua, Zhu Rong Xing, Chen Mei Qin, Luo Han Ru, Shao Cui Ping

  3. From the left to the right:
    Chen Qiang, Jin Ke Jia, Xue Fang

  4. From the left to the right:
    Wang Feng, Gu Chang Chun, Yuan Qi, Chen Ming Qiang

  5. If you have been looking closely at the dishes on the table, you may already have learned the specialty of this restaurant is SEA FOOD! Some of the dishes were really new to me. For example, snake skin (taste was much better than its name sounded), and live shrimps in the wine (as you see in the picture, some of them were alive). What an adventure!

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