Pictures - Summer, 2000

    We got together at Xue Fang's new apartment and had a delicious dinner at a nearby restaurant. I regretted very much that I did not take any picture of Xue Fang's beautifully designed and decorated apartment. We all had a wonderful time during our visit. We were so excited when Xue Fang showed us some of pictures taken when we were at the college. Memories of our college lives were flashing back. Twenty more years have been passed since we met the first time. Time really flies. I remember that I brought with me a few old pictures (black and white) taken when we were at the college when I first came to the States. I am planning to find them and to post them on this web site during the winter break. Is there any objection from any of you? If so, please let me know.
    The following 4 pictures were taken at the dinner.

(L. to R.)

Luo Hanru and her daughter
Chen Meiqin
Shao Cui Ping
Zhu Rong Xing
Yuan Qi
(L. to R.)

Xue Fang
Mrs. Xue
(L. to R.)

Shen Ji Dong
Jin Ke Jia
Chen Qiang
Chen Ming Qiang
(L. to R.)

Wang Feng
Wang, Xingheng
Luo Hanru and her daughter