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Room equipment

- Each room is equipped with a PC (Windows XP), and a projector.  You can bring your presentation (PDF, PowerPoint, etc.) on a flash drive, CD, etc, or bring your laptop.  It is recommended however, that you bring an extra copy of your presentation in case your laptop is not compatible with our projectors. 


- For those wishing to bring their MAC laptops: please note that this is a Windows based school and we do not have Mac to VGA adaptors, and you will need to bring one with you.


- Most rooms have a document camera.  It is better to have your slides printed directly on regular paper, rather than on transparencies or 35mm slides.  If you need an overhead projector, please send a request to


- No blackboards are available in classrooms (except one).  However, each room contains a dry-erase whiteboard or a Promethean ACTIVboard, which is an interactive whiteboard or “smart board”.


Internet Access

Computers in Computer labs 220 and 215 in Thompson Hall and Computer lab 126 in Grimsley Hall can be used for internet access. These labs will be open according to the following schedule:


Wireless access is also available in Thompson Hall.  Wireless access ID and Password will be given in the registration package.


Buildings and Rooms Layout

Mark Clark Hall

Grimsley Hall

Thompson Hall

Jenkins Hall