Chapter History and Archives (1979-1999)

Charter Members

Name Field
General Wallace E. Anderson Physics
COL Larry H. Addington History
BGEN Michael B. Barrett History
James A. Browning Chemistry (deceased 1999)
COL Charles F. Jumper Chemistry
Dr. F. Lance Wallace Biology
Joseph R. Wilkinson Chemistry
Dr. D. Oliver Bowman Psychology
Dr. Michael Doran Psychology
Dr. Saul J. Adelman Physics

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Past Presidents (1979-1999)

Name Year Field
Daniel Oliver Bowman, Ph.D. 79-80 Psychology
Michael Desmond Doran, Ph.D. 81 Psychology
Saul Joseph Adelman, Ph.D. 82 Physics
William Lane Harris, Ph.D. 83 History
James Parker May, Ph.D. 84 Chemistry
Thomas W. Mahan, Ph.D. 85 Education
Harry Charles Saxe, Sc.D., PE 86 Civil and Environmental Engineering
Isaac Spigner Metts Jr., Ph.D. 87 Dean, Planning & Assessment
Michael Baker Barrett, Ph.D. 88 History
Aline M. Mahan, Ph.D. 89 Psychology
Joseph Frederick Tripp, Ph.D. 90 History
Saul Joseph Adelman, Ph.D. 91-92 Physics
Suzanne Ozment, Ph.D. 93-94 Dean, Undergraduate Studies
John William Gordon, Ph.D. 94-95 History
Harold William Askins, Jr., Ph.D. 95-96 Electrical Engineering
Melvin H. Ezell, Jr., Ph.D. 97-98 Health and Physical Education
John W. Gordon, Ph.D. 98-99 History

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