Charleston Chapter of Sigma Xi

The Citadel



Chapter Charter


President:  Dr. Joe Carson, College of Charleston

Vice President:  Dr. Shankar Banik, Citadel




·        Brown-Bag Lunch Presentation Schedule–Fall, 2017 and Spring, 2018 –  Organizers:  Mei Chen


Place: Greater Issues Room

Time: At noon on Fridays: (Oct 27, Nov 10, Feb 2, Apr 6)

Note: Box lunches will be arranged for all student attendees


v     Oct 27

Speaker: Dr. Bo Li, Mathematics and Computer Science

Title: Explore the Underlying Information Using Statistics

Abstract: Click here


v     Nov 10

      Speaker: Dr. Gregory Mazzaro, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Title: Hybrid Acoustic-Electromagnetic Radar for Finding and Identifying Electronic Devices

Abstract: Click here


v     Feb 2

Speaker:  Dr. Ronald Hayne, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Title: Design of an Instructional Processor

Abstract:  Click here


v     Apr 6





·        Previous Brown-bag Lunch Presentations


·        Citadel Member List


·        Treasurer’s Report for the Sigma Xi Charleston Chapter


·        2008 Initiation Ceremony and Banquet


·        2007 Initiation Ceremony and Banquet – program,  photos


v     Dr. Adelman is presenting a Distinguished Service Award  


v     All new full members - Dr. Holly M. Bevsek, Dr. Scott Funkhouser, Dr. Shankar Banik, Dr. Michael J. Dorko



v     All new associate members – Mr. Jui-Chiang Chen, Mr. Rene Hurka, Mr. Jason Sutton, Ms. Aysegul Teker,  Ms. Dai-Yi Wu


v      After-dinner speech by Dr. Groetsch


v     Citadel group – Ms. Dai-Yi Wu, Mr. Jui-Chiang Chen, Dr. Shankar Banik, Dr. Dave Trautman, Dr. Michael J. Dorko, Dr. Holly M. Bevsek,  Dr. Spencer Hurd


v     Citadel group - Dr. Groetsch, Dr. Spencer Hurd, Dr. Dave Trautman, Dr. Shankar Banik


v     Mrs. Adelman and Ms. Aysegul Teker


v     Dr. and Mrs. Adelman


v     Mr. Sutton and his parents


v     Ms. Wu’s family


v     Ms. Wu’s family with Dr. Chen