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The Citadel Association for Computing Machinery

Article I: Name

  1. This organization shall be called the Citadel ACM Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. In these Bylaws it is referred to as the Chapter; the Association for Computing Machinery is referred to as the ACM.

Article II: Purpose

  1. The Chapter is organized and will be operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes to promote the following:
    1. An increased knowledge of and greater interest in the science, design, development, construction, languages, management and applications of modern computing.
    2. Greater interest in computing and its applications.
    3. A means of communication between persons having an interest in computing
  1. The Chapter will serve students at community.
  2. The Chapter is chartered by the ACM.

Article III: Membership The provisions of this section must conform to the membership provisions specified in ACM's Bylaws (Bylaw 6, Section 5; ACM Constitution Article 3).

  1. Membership in the Student Chapter shall be open to all ACM members** and nonmembers. [If you do not want non-ACM members to vote, you can create an Affiliate membership category.]
  2. Voting membership in the Student Chapter shall be granted to chapter members who are also ACM members.

Article IV: Officers

  1. The officers of this Chapter shall be: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers constitute the Council. A minimum of three officers to establish a Chapter; some Chapters combine the offices of Secretary and Treasurer. Other offices may also be established.
  2. All officers of the Chapter must be members of ACM.
  3. The officers shall be elected by a plurality of the votes cast at the annual election meeting. They shall take office on the second to last Friday of April and serve for one year. [It is highly recommended that the Chapter's election be held at the last meeting in the fall with the new officers taking office in January. This provides for a period of transition from the outgoing Council to the incoming Council as well as providing continuity of management and planning over the summer. If your school operates on a quarter or trimester system, choose a timing that serves the same objectives. ]
  4. No member may serve in the office of Chair or Vice Chair for more than two consecutive years. [Provisions for filling vacancies left by resignations should be included in this article. Provisions for limiting the number of terms a person can serve in a position also may be included in this article.]

Article V: Duties of Officers

  1. The Chair is the principal officer and is responsible for leading the Chapter and managing its activities in accordance with the policies and procedures of the ACM and these bylaws. The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the chapter and of its Executive Council. The Executive Council shall consist of the Chapter officers, the Student Chapter Sponsor, and chairs of the Chapter's standing committees.
  2. The Vice Chair shall preside at meetings in the absence of the Chair, assist the Chair in the management of the Chapter, and perform other duties that may be assigned by the Chair.
  3. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all Chapter and Executive Council meetings. Other duties of the Secretary include:
    1. Maintaining the records of the Chapter.
    2. Preparation of the Chapter's activity report and officer contact information and submission of these to ACM Headquarters via the Chapter Administrative Interface.
    3. Submission of any proposed amendment to these bylaws to the ACM Chief Operating Officer. Proposed amendments must be approved before they can be submitted to the Chapter's membership for a vote.
    4. Perform other duties as assigned by the Chair.
  1. The Treasurer shall collect dues, pay all bills, and maintain the Chapter's financial records. Duties of the Treasurer also shall include:
    1. Preparation of the Chapter's Annual Financial Report for presentation to the Chapter at the Annual Election meeting.
    1. Completion and submission of the Annual Financial Report to ACM Headquarters via the Chapter Administrative Interface.
    2. Performance of other duties as assigned by the Chair.

Article VI: Chapter Sponsor
The Sponsor shall be a faculty member or full-time staff member of your school. Each Student Chapter has one Sponsor.

  1. The Student Chapter Sponsor shall be a voting member of ACM and either a member of the faculty or full-time staff of the school.
  2. The Student Chapter Sponsor shall be selected by the Executive Council immediately following the Election Meeting. The selection shall be confirmed by the school.
  3. The Student Chapter Sponsor shall be generally responsible for the activities of the Chapter. Specifically, the Sponsor:
    1. helps provide continuity from year to year as student leadership and personnel change;
    2. promotes good student-faculty relationships;
    3. helps maintain university standards in all activities of the Chapter;
    4. exercises financial supervision, if necessary, by:
      1. promoting prompt payment of bills and collection of dues, and
      1. overseeing the settlement of all accounts in the event of dissolution of the Chapter.
    1. represents the Chapter interests to the faculty and administration.
    2. for high school chapters and underage students, the chapter sponsor must be in attendance at every meeting that is held in the evening. In the event that the appointed sponsor is not available, another faculty member may chaperone the meeting. If both are not available, a local area professional, previously investigated and approved by the school, can be assigned to supervise evening meetings.

Article VII: Executive Council

There is no requirement that there be an Executive Council, but if there is one, the Chair would be the presiding officer. If there is no specific Executive Council, the set of officers are the Executive Council.

  1. The Executive Council shall consist of the Chapter officers,the Student Chapter Sponsor, and chairs of the Chapter's standing committees.
  2. The Term of the members of the Executive Council shall be coincident with the terms of the officers. They shall serve for one year.

Article VIII: Standing Committees

The standing committees of the Chapter shall be Program, Arrangements, Education, Membership, and Publicity. [The number and functions of committees is determined by your Chapter activities and goals. Think about what you want to do this year and in the foreseeable future and establish standing committees that correspond to those activities and the corresponding assignment of duties. Then define the general duties of the committees.]

  1. The Program Committee shall plan and make arrangements for the technical programs of the Chapter's meetings in accordance with the membership's interests and the aims of the Chapter as set forth in Article II.
  2. The Publicity Committee shall maintain a mailing list and publish and distribute all notices and publicity for and to the members of the Chapter. [Include the descriptions of the other standing committees here]

Article IX: Temporary Committees

With the advice of the chapter's Executive Council, the Chair may appoint such temporary committees as appropriate.

  1. A Nominating Committee, consisting of at least three voting members of the Chapter, at least two of whom shall not be members of the Executive Council, shall be appointed by the Chapter Chair at least two months prior to the Election Meeting
  2. An audit committee shall be appointed by the chapter chair at the close of the fiscal year to ensure the accuracy of the chapter's funds for the year. This Committee should also verify the accuracy of the Financial Report prepared by the Treasurer for submission to ACM headquarters.

Article X: Meetings

  1. Meetings shall be held as planned by the Program Committee. The Chapter shall hold meetings only in places that are open and accessible to all members of the Association. [You may have additional local government requirements about openness to the public and accessibility for the handicapped.]
  2. The Annual Election meeting should be held at the last meeting of the semester. At this meeting, the Secretary and Treasurer each shall present the required reports. Also, the election of officers shall be held. Written notices of all meetings shall be distributed to all members at least one week prior to any meeting.

Article XI: Disbursements and Dues

  1. Disbursements from the Treasury for Chapter expenditures shall be made by the Treasurer with authorization of the Executive Council and shall be included in the minutes of its meetings.
  2. Dues shall be fixed annually by the Executive Council.

Article XII: Amendment and Voting Procedures

  1. All proposed changes to these Chapter Bylaws shall be approved by the ACM Chief Operating Officer.
  2. No official business of the Chapter shall be conducted unless a quorum is present. A quorum of the Chapter shall be defined as 50% percent of the voting membership of the Chapter or at least 1/2 members, whichever is greater.
  3. A simple majority of the voting members present shall be required to carry a motion.
  4. Officers will be elected by a plurality of votes cast.

Article XIII: Dissolution of the Chapter

  1. Dissolution of this Chapter by consent of the members shall consist of unanimous agreement of all its officers together with a majority vote at a meeting which has been publicized in advance to all members of the Chapter for the purpose of taking this vote.
  2. Should this Chapter be dissolved, all assets and liabilities shall be transferred to ACM and shall be supervised by the ACM Finance Director, with the exception of funds received from the University, which shall be returned to the University upon dissolution