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Rigoberto Flórez


Rigoberto Flórez


rigo.florez at citadel.edu
Phone: (843) 953 5034

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Department of
Mathematical Sciences

The Citadel
171 Moultrie Street
Charleston, SC 29409

Curriculum Vitae



Associate Professor

Ph.D. Mathematics, Binghamton University (SUNY).
Thesis: Four Studies in the Geometry of Biased Graph.


M.S. Mathematics, Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Master thesis: On the existence of retractions in module-finite extensions and Koh's conjecture.

B.S. Mathematics, Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia.
Undergraduate thesis: Banach's fixed point theorem for the solution of a system of differential equations.

Research Interest.

My research is in combinatorics, especially graphs, algebraically representable matroids, harmonic matroids and biased graph. Another area of interest is elementary number theory.


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Fall Classes (2018)

Calculus III

Calculus II

Modern Algebra


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