MATH 234: Applied Engineering Math I

Spring 2019, The Citadel


Course Description
Math 234 is a 4-credit course. The course prerequisite is Math 132 or HONR 132. This course covers linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, and systems of differential equations.
Course Webpage
All homework assignments, handouts and practice exams will be posted on the course website.
Sec 2: MTuWF 10:00-10:50am, Thompson 303
Sec 3: MWF 1:00-1:50pm, Tu 1:30-2:20pm, Thompson 203
  • Lecturer: Todd Wittman
  • E-mail: twittman @
  • Office Hours: MW 2:00-5:00pm, Tu 2:30-5:00pm or by appointment
"Advanced Engineering Mathematics" by Zill and Wright, 5th ed.
Grading Policy
Your total score will be calculated in two ways. At the end of the semester, the method that gives the higher numerical score will be used to determine your letter grade.
  • 1st Midterm Exam 15%
  • 2nd Midterm Exam 15%
  • 3rd Midterm Exam 15%
  • Final Exam 25%
  • Homework 25%
  • Labs 5%
  • Lowest midterm exam score dropped.
  • Best 2 Midterm Exams 30%
  • Final Exam 40%
  • Homework 25%
  • Labs 5%
Your course letter grade will be determined from your overall score, as shown below.
Letter Grade ABCD
Minimum Score 90%80%70%60%
There will be weekly homework assignments during the semester. Each homework is due Wednesday 5:00pm. Homework may be submitted in class or at the dropbox outside the instructor's office Thompson 327. Homework will not be accepted by e-mail. You must show work. Illegible or unsuppoted answers will receive no credit. Homework may submitted within 24 hours of the due date, but with an automatic 2 point deduction. After Thursday 5:00pm, no late homeworks will be accepted for any reason (including illness, family emergencies, and school-related activities). You are allowed to work with other students on the homework, but each student should write up their answers individually. At the end of the semester, the lowest homework score will be dropped and the remaining scores will be added together to compute your overall homework grade. The homework assignments are posted on the course website.
Labs will be given in-class every Friday. The labs generally take the form of a group quiz, although some labs may be a group activity or an individual quiz. Some labs will be open notes and others will be closed notes, as directed. No calculator or electronic devices (including cellphones) will ever be permitted during a lab. If a student is caught consulting an electronic device during a lab, the entire group will receive an automatic zero for that lab. A student must be present for the entire lab session to receive credit. No make-up labs will be given, for any reason. At the end of the semester, the lab scores will be averaged. Any lab that was missed with an Excused absence will not be factored into the average.
Midterm Exams
There will be 3 50-minute midterm exams, each counting for 15% of your course grade. The exams will be given during our regular lecture time in our regular classroom. The midterm exams will not be cummulative. No calculators or notes are allowed during the exam. No make-up exams will be given, for any reason (including illness, family emergencies, guard duty, and school-related activities). If a student misses an exam, then they will be assigned a zero for that exam and they are automatically on the second grading system.
Exam 1Wed 2/13
Exam 2Wed 3/6
Exam 3Wed 4/17
Final Exam
The final exam for Sec 2 (10:00am lecture) is scheduled for Wednesday April 24th 1:00-4:00pm. The final exam for Sec 3 (1:00pm lecture) is scheduled for Saturday April 27 8:00-11:00am. The final will cover all the material we covered in the course and counts for 25% of your course grade. If you have a conflict with the scheduled exam time, you should contact the lecturer well in advance to schedule an alternate time. Not taking the final exam will result in an automatic failing grade. In extreme situations an incomplete grade can be given for missing the final, but the case must be documented and approved by the registrar.
Attendance Policy
You are expected to attend to class regularly. Missing class is not an excuse for failing to submit the homework on time. Attendance will be taken every lecture and entered into the Citadel Class Absence System. Any student that is more than 10 minutes late to lecture will be marked as late. According to Citadel official policy, any student whose total absences exceed 20% (excused or unexcused) will receive an automatic F for the course.
Academic Honesty
You are allowed to discuss your homework with your fellow classmates in general terms, but do not show your work to another student. Sharing your work or copying someone else's homework may result in a zero on the assignment and further discipline if the problem persists. If you have specific questions about your homework, ask the professor. Collaboration of any kind on the exams is strictly forbidden and will result in a failing grade for the course and academic discipline in concordance with the Honor Code.
Disability Services
The Citadel will make reasonable accomodations for persons with documented disabilities. Students should apply at the Academic Support Center. Students approved for accomodations are responsible for notifying the instructor as soon as possible and for contacting the instructor at least one week before the accomodation is needed.