Todd Wittman

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
The Citadel

This is a list of student research projects I have supervised. If you are a student interested in doing a summer project or independent study with me, you should send me an e-mail. Please include a list of the math and computing courses you have taken and a brief description of your research interests.

Undergraduate Projects
  • Bathymetry Interpolation from Coastline Data, Spring 2011.
    Travis Meyer
  • Correlation Effects in Stock Market Volatility, Summer 2010.
    Chris Lee, Alex Livenson, Jackson Newhouse, Eshed Ohn-Bar
    Co-mentored with Alex Chen
  • Video Tracking of Airborne Gases, Summer 2010.
    Michael Borghese, Alex Honda, Samuel Lim, Daniel Waltrip, Monica Yoo
    Co-mentored with Joe Zipkin and Prof. Andrea Bertozzi
  • Variational Models for Illumination Correction, Winter 2010.
    Travis Meyer
  • Accurate Corner Detection for Multi-modal Image Registration, Winter 2010.
    Alex Honda
  • Classifying Land-Cover Using Texture Statistics, Fall 2009.
    Travis Askham
  • Dimension Reduction of Hyperspectral Imagery, Summer 2009.
    Kate Burgers, Yohannes Fessehatsion, Sheida Rahmani, Jia Yin Seo
  • Shadow Detection and Removal, Spring 2009.
    Nizar Almoussa
  • Anisotropic Diffusion Applied to Hyperspectral Imagery, Spring 2009.
    David Hwang
  • Evaluating Pan-sharpening Methods, Summer 2008.
    Daria Merkurjev, Sheida Rahmani, Melissa Strait
    Co-mentored with Michael Moeller
  • Clustering Hyperspectral Image Data, Fall 2006 - Spring 2007.
    Meiching Fong, Zhong Hu
  • Denoising Indirect Illumination in Computer Animations, Summer 2007.
    Martin Benning, Eddie Lee, Henry Pao, Karamatou Yacoubou-Djima
    Co-mentored with Dr. John Anderson (PIXAR Animation Studios)
  • Hyperspectral Image Dimension Reduction, Summer 2007 - Spring 2008.
    Meiching Fong, Victor Mejia, Sheida Rahmani, Zhong Hu
  • Gradient-free Image Boundary Tracking, Summer 2007 - Fall 2007
    Zhong Hu, Victor Mejia
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    • Presentations: 1 2

Todd Wittman
Department of Mathematics
The Citadel
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